Mai Linh Express Ferry is the most modern fleet of high-speed ferries to be put into operation in 2021. Especially on Mai Linh Express ferry, it also installs advanced shaking reduction technology from Humphree (Sweden), helping the train to operate smoothly. love, superiority….

SAFETY: Modern and safe marine equipment

FACILITIES: Ensure to meet the necessary needs of passengers

MODERN: The ship was built and put into operation in 2021

PRO: 27 years of experience in passenger transport


  • CAN THO: Departure at Ninh Kieu Port at 7:30 AM.
  • CON DAO: Departure at Ben Dam Port at 13:00 PM.

Mai Linh Express interior

Total number of seats: 338 seats

  • Primordial class: 8 seats
  • Business class: 70 seats
  • Economy class: 260 seats

Passenger transport

Transporting tourists by ferries is a strong service of Mai Linh Express. With a fleet of modern international standard double-hulled high-speed ferry equipped with advanced shaking reduction technology from Humphree (Sweden), ensuring you have a safe and comfortable trip, ready for passengers. Can Tho – Con Dao exploration is full of fun

Fares from Monday to Thursday


  • ECO: 750,000 VND
  • Business: 1,100,000 VND
  • President: 1,500,000 VND


  • ECO: 550,000 VND
  • Business: 800,000 VND
  • President: 1,150,000 VND

Fares from Friday to Sunday


  • ECO: 850.000 VND
  • Business: 1.200.000 VND
  • President: 1.500.000 VND


  • ECO: 600.000 VND
  • Business: 900.000 VND
  • President: 1.150.000 VND