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Accompanying with Mai Linh Express’s Can Tho – Con Dao fast ferry ticket, being able to make the journey as your original itinerary is what everyone wants! But sometimes due to subjective and objective reasons, you cannot follow the scheduled schedule and are forced to refund or change tickets? The policy of refund/cancellation of Mai Linh Express fast ferry ticket is as follows:

Cancellation of ticket

Cases in which tickets are canceled

  • Customer change their personal schedule, do not take the ferry anymore.
  • Customer change route
  • Customer need to change seat class.
  • Customer is late for the ferry.
  • Due to Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company: changing the ferry operation plan including moving, changing date, time, route, …
  • Force majeure circumstances that the ferry cannot operate: For example: weather or other dangerous conditions that the port authority does not permit the ship to operate….

Conditions of ticket cancellation

  • Valid tickets are sold from the ticketing account issued by Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company to the Ticket Office, or agents;
  • Ticket with cancellation request have not been used to board the ferry.
  • Cancellation requests must be submitted and made 24 hours before ferry departure time.
  • Cancellation requests within 24 hours of ferry departure not considered
  • Customers requesting ticket cancellation must present tickets with 2 copies (or commit in the cancellation minutes to only receive e-tickets) and valid documents (including ID card, passport …)

The person who canceled the ticket

  • Where customers buy tickets, the cancellation of tickets will be done there. For example, if a customer buys a ticket at an agent, he will go to the ticketing agent to cancel the ticket.
  • In case the customer cannot cancel at the agent’s location, the passenger can go to Mai Linh Tay Do’s ticket office for assistance

Cancellation service fee

All requests to cancel tickets before departure 24 hours are subject to a 30% cancellation fee

Particularly in the case of changing to another ferry, the provisions of the ticket cancellation policy will apply and a new ticket must be rebooked.

Change ticket information

Cases in which ticket information can be changed

  • Agents or ticket sales staff of Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company performed the wrong operation leading to incorrect passenger information.
  • The passenger provides incorrect information and corrects it after the ticket has been issued.
  • Customers need to change seat class or seating position on the ferry.
  • Customers change, date and time of the ferry ride.
  • Special Change completely passenger information (name, ID card, year of birth…) or completely change passenger’s full name

Conditions for exchanging ticket information

  • Tickets with double information requirements have not been used to board the ferry.
  • Customers who request to change ticket information must present their old ticket with 2 copies and valid documents (including ID card, household registration …).
  • Requests to change tickets are only processed 24 hours before ferry departure time.
  • Particularly for President and Business class seats, will be given full priority to change ticket information, including date, time, and passenger information are changed free of charge 01 hour before departure time.
  • In case the passenger changes the date and time of the passenger ferry route, it depends on the number of empty seats on the ferry of the date and time of the changed passenger ferry route, whether there are still empty seats for the passenger to change the ticket information or not, otherwise the policy will apply ticket cancellation.

Ticket exchange person

  • Tickets of any agent for sale, that agent is responsible for sending a request to change information.
  • Each ticket can only be changed once. If you change it for the second time, you will follow the regulations on ticket cancellation and re-issue of a new ticket.

Ticket information change fee

  • All requests to change passenger information 24 hours before departure time will be free of charge.
  • Customers will not be paid the difference if the new fare after redemption is lower than the previous fare.
  • Customers must pay the difference if the new fare after redemption is higher than the previous fare.
  • Cases of changing ticket information after the ferry has departed will not be resolved and ticket fare will not be refunded.
  • In cases where additional fare difference must be paid, customers must pay more in cash or by bank transfer.

Other provisions

1. Ticket Office or Sales Department when performing ticket cancellation must refund the customer in full after deducting the cancellation service fee (if any).

2. Particularly for tickets purchased during the holidays, Tet will not be applied the ticket change policy such as: Change date, time, but will apply the ticket cancellation policy.

3. In case the passenger is late for the ferry, within 30 minutes after the ferry runs, the customer’s needs will be resolved as follows:  If the customer cancels the ticket and does not go, the ticket for the ferry that has gone there will be considered expired. force.

4. Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company has the right to refuse to cancel tickets if it is found that the ticket change requests are invalid, wrong for the wrong object, and not fully refunded (VAT invoice…). In these cases, Mai Linh Tay Do Joint Stock Company: will not refund the tickets purchased by customers.

5. Customers who buy tickets and pay in any form will pay customers through that form of payment. For example, if the customer transfers money, then the refund will be transferred to the customer. Customers paying via e-wallets will be refunded via e-wallets…

6. Time to complete the refund procedure via bank transfer or e-wallet or card payment will be from 15-30 working days. The time the customer receives the ticket refund back depends on the bank the customer is using or the bank issuing the card or e-wallet.

7. Complaints of customers and/or agents will be resolved in the order of the Box Office to the Sales Department and to the Board of Directors.

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