Organize the procedures for picking up passengers and regulations on ferry travel

General policy
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Passengers with valid ferry ticket are recommended to check-in 45 minutes before departure Mai Linh Express has a lounge to serve passengers with ferry ticket at departure stations.

  • According to maritime regulations: All cruise passengers are required to bring identification papers with personal identification photos such as: (ID card, passport, driver’s license …) or relevant papers ( with photo) to complete the cruise procedure.
  • For children traveling by ferry, relatives and/or guardians need to present the child’s birth certificate to complete the cruise procedure.
  • In the absence of identification papers, a guarantor is required and certification of the competent authorities (police, border guard…). The control department will check ferry ticket and identification documents. The control department will not allow passengers to board the ferry when the passenger does not have a ticket or the name on the ticket does not match the identification document.

And some of the following rules:

  1. Sit in the correct number of seat on the ticket.
  2. During the ferry ride, please keep your ticket for control.
  3. Free carry-on baggage allowance includes (suitcases, bags, backpacks…) weighing less than 15kg/pax. Luggage exceeding the free weight, boxed, packed goods, customers bringing checked in outside the ship’s cargo hold, please pay a fee for the excess weight according to the published Mai Linh Express fee schedule.
  4. For hand luggage and personal belongings, please take care of yourself.
  5. In order to ensure your safety, you are only allowed to travel in the cabin. If a dangerous situation occurs due to a violation of this regulation, the company will be exempt from liability in this case.
  6. Do not carry strong-smelling goods, do not eat strong-smelling foods (durian, jackfruit, etc.) in the passenger compartment. Do not carry prohibited goods such as: explosives, incendiary substances, chemicals, drugs, weapons and other goods prohibited by maritime regulations.
  7. In case of force majeure such as weather, engineering, security and defense… The company has the right to cancel or change the time and schedule, without having to bear any responsibility.
  8. Customer who buy ticket are entitled to the right insurance regime.
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