Regulations related to ferry ticket postponement, cancellation and refund

General policy
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Ferry ticket are delivered to passengers in the form of printed ticket and electronic ticket, in case of force majeure or due to objective factors Mai Linh Express regulates the refund, postponement and cancellation of purchased ticket as follows:

Number of tickets Ticket change fee Cancellation fee Time Times
1-10 ticket(s) Free 30% Before 24h (1 day) 01
  • If the number of ticket is more than specified above. Depending on the actual situation, the company will have appropriate solutions and support for you.
  • Particularly for President, Business will be able to change information 1 hour before the ferry departs.
  • During the holidays, Tet will not be able to change ticket information including: date, time, but must apply the cancellation policy and rebook a new ticket.

Conditions for exchange and cancellation of ticket:

    • If the passenger ticket has been purchased but for some reason the passenger cannot make the trip, the ticket must be returned 24 hours before the ferry departure time.
    • Passenger tickets purchased after the ferry leaves the berth will not be valid for disembarkation and will not be refunded.
    • In the event of force majeure, ferry schedule changes or cancellations, passengers who have purchased tickets in the changed ferry will be given priority to arrange for the next ferry. If the passenger does not want to continue the journey, 100% of the paid fare will be refunded.
    • Refund time will be done after 07 – 15 days from the time of ticket cancellation.
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