Service privileges when booking President ticket on Mai Linh Express ferry

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Mai Linh Express 5-star fast ferry has specially designed the President room with a separate compartment position on the ferry to bring customers the most different experiences and services.

Services reserved for the President’s room include:

  • You will be given priority to go directly to the President’s room without having to wait in line for check-in
  • Served 2 different meals, including fast food and deluxe meal. In particular, the dishes will be offered in a variety of styles and international standards. In addition, we also have a bar specializing in serving tropical-style refreshments and seasonal Southern fruits.
  • High-quality leather seats provide comfort during the journey with separate seating positions and maximum soundproofing rooms for the most quiet and privacy.
  • In addition, the room is also equipped with essential oils and high-class fresh flowers to create a feeling of luxury and relaxation for you. Besides, we have our own team of flight attendants dedicated to serving and taking care of you in the room of the President.
  • Especially, as soon as the ship docked, we have a private car to take you right to the hotel.
Mai Linh Express ferry President seat

In addition, you will receive policies only for customers who buy President ticket including:

  • With 24/7 service consulting support, any problem solving requests will be made at any time of the day.
  • Get a lifetime ticket reservation for unused tickets to board the ferry.
  • Change the information on the ticket or schedule within 3 hours before the ferry departure time.

Some pictures of the President’s room on Mai Linh Express ferry

Mai Linh Express ferry President seat
Facilities and amenities in the President’s room on Mai Linh Express ferry 
Tourists can lie down comfortably on the President’s chair
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